Everybody needs a programming language. I've chosen Golang as I love its simplicity and the fact that its just .. different!

I made my first steps into programming in Python at the age of 10. But I did not really get it back then so I lost interest. At the age of 15, I started modding video games written in Java, which got me really into programming. Although I knew the concepts of Variables, Looping and Conditionals, I learned most other concepts using Self-Education (primarily trial and error). At some point I was able to wrap my head around object-orientation, which allowed composing software of components and thinking about the design before implementing it.
But at the same time, I discovered Docker and some other DevOps tools, effectively focusing on them for a while, without writing any code at all.

This changed in summer 2018 when I got in contact with Golang during an internship at gridX. I was very impressed by the first impression the language made – it seemed very different but still familiar in some way and it was impressive how simple it was to create very solid pieces of software. The standard library is just amazing, as it got you covered for most tasks, in one place. No more digging at Maven Central for some library that required studying docs and concepts before getting one's hands dirty. Golang really made me want to try it.

As had not written any code for a longer time back then, I decided to go through an online course on Udemy to get started as quickly as possible while still gaining a thorough understanding of the language. And it actually worked, as I got from nothing to a better understanding than I ever had in Java in less than one week. Great experience!

Since then, I have chosen Go for every small or big project I needed to do, ranging from small things (semver release helper) over school stuff (Game of Life) to things I actually needed (Prometheus exporters, etc.). It is really great to be able to debug software from the cloud-native environment and file PR's on GitHub to contribute. After all, it really helps to know a programming language and Golang really got me here.

Awesome things discovered along the way